Find your crowd.

Somedays, you don’t want to leave your bed, let alone actually go outside (especially with WiFi this fast). We make it easy. Find quiet company in a study lounge or start a competitive match in the game room for your daily dose of Triton energy.

Community Amenities


Bike Storage

With bike rack storage and plentiful local trails, it’s wheelie easy to get around Lynnwood without a car.

Game Space

Embrace your competitive spirit and challenge a fellow Triton to a game of pool or table-tennis.

On-Site Laundry

State-of-the-art machines on the fourth floor, fueled by lost socks, leave blankets huggably warm.

Media Room

Laptop dead? Stay caught up at a community computer or find something bingeable on the TV.

Study Lounges

Quiet, focused private spaces for a change of scenery, without walking to the library.

Campus Parking

With direct access to three of Edmonds’ student parking lots, it’s easy to nab a free spot close to home.

Campus Connection

Situated so close to campus, it’s only a five minute walk to spend a night out without needing a pair of wheels—bike, car, or otherwise—to get there. Better yet, it’s that much easier to get back home when your batteries run out.

Get a Sweat On

It’s a short walk to Seaview Gym so you’ll have to work a bit harder once you’re there!

See a Show

Trade Netflix for a night with a show from improv comedy to lecture at Black Box theater.

Mash Some Buttons

Whether a controller or cue, wield your tool of choice and challenge your friends to a game.

On-Site Support

Office staff and resident assistants are here to make independent-living not too independent. Whether you need to track down a package or find a friendly face to chat, there’s always someone here.

Mail Call!

Reception safely receives and stores all packages, so no more waiting around for Amazon.

Help Needed.

Full-time maintenance is around to fix anything that squeaks or leaks, so you don’t have to.


RAs organize events all the time, so it’s easy to find company (but, only when you want it).

Fun Fact

Last fall, we had students from 18 different countries living at Rainier Place. The potluck dinners got interesting.