Space for Whatever You’re Into

Whether a Crosley turntable and record collection or home-built PC with liquid cooling, we’re into whatever you’re into. On move-in, focus on what you actually care about, we’ll provide all the boring necessities like furniture.

Security card controlled access

24-hour staff support for Rainier Place residents

Furnished Apartments

Fully Equipped Kitchens

All utilities included

Community room

State-of-the-art laundry center

Study lounges

Campus parking available

Bike rack storage


With natural light filtering through trees outside, every student at Rainier Place could play the sound of the wind through trees at night and imagine themselves in the PNW woods somewhere for instant stress-relief. Life further simplifies with ample storage, private bathrooms, and furnishings for bedrooms and common spaces alike in every unit. It’s all the convenience of campus living without sharing a shower with your entire bio class or storing half your belongings in someone’s garage.

Studio - Single Occupancy

400 square feet

With two closets, a file cabinet, and drawers beneath the bed, these units offer generous storage space, so bring the entire Beanie Baby collection. It’ll fit. Best of all, enjoy the privacy of ending baths with a naked dance through the kitchen, which might happen with roommates, but probably not twice. With room for both your things and your guilty pleasures, the studio floor plan is perfect for really making your own.

Studio - Double Occupancy

400 square feet

An open floor plan makes it easier than ever to juggle last-minute essay writing with midnight snack preparation. In fact, along with generous storage and cozy seating, the studio does claim the shortest trip from bed to fridge. Do with that what you will, just make sure your roommate is also down for 1 am cookie baking. Worst case scenario, put your under-bed storage to use for snacks and crunch as quietly as possible.

Two Bedroom

820 square feet

Skip ahead to the outfit-trying montage because a separate vanity means less waiting for the shower. There’s ample space to model your entire wardrobe (in private) with a walk-in closet for each bedroom. The ample living space and bar seating means everyone has a spot for hang-outs. Better yet, keep an eye on the cooking without missing any of the Mario-Kart action from the open kitchen. It’s ready for cooking anything from pappardelle to Pizza Rolls.

Four Bedroom

1,352 square feet

The largest floor plan has four equal bedrooms (with walk-in closets), so there’s no arguing over who gets what. Plus, two bathrooms means you’re still only sharing with one other person. A shared hall closet just adds to the storage space while the living room begs to host Fantasy Football arguments and Dungeons & Dragons campaigns alike. Keep an eye on the action from the open kitchen or re-coop in the privacy of your own bedroom.