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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few common questions and answers that will help during the application, leasing, and renewal process.

Q: What type of lease will I be signing?

A: You will be signing either a 12-month lease or a 10 month lease. Once your lease ends and if you are still eligible for housing at the end of your lease, you will be offered an opportunity to lease again for another year.


Q: Will someone else be on my lease?

A: No. Even if you are part of a group of people applying for the same apartment, each individual will sign their own lease for their bedroom.


Q: What will happen to me if my roommate doesn’t pay their rent?

A: Once again, nothing. If your roommate does not pay his/her rent it will be their problem, not yours. Your tenancy will not be affected.


Q: Do I need to apply in a group or can I apply by myself?

A: It is not necessary to apply as a group, however priority may go to those who apply in groups of 2 or 4. If you apply with friends you still need to fill out individual applications and leases. If you cannot find a roommate group, we will assign you a room in an apartment if one is available in the type of apartment you want.


Q: What should I do if I have issues with my roommate(s)?

A: If you are having roommate issues or difficulties, there will be Resident Advisors (RAs) available to talk to. They will be able to help you resolve your issues.


Q: What if there is damage to the common living areas in my apartment – who pays for that?

A: Any damage to shared living areas such as the kitchen, living room, or shared bedrooms, will be the mutual responsibility of the Roommate Group. Any costs of repair will be assessed on a pro-rata basis among your roommates. For shared bedrooms it will be the shared responsibility of the two roommates.


Q: What will happen if my roommate(s) moves out but I decide to stay?

A: Nothing. Since you have signed your own lease you will be able to stay. If one of your roommates moves out, you will have seven days to find a qualified replacement. If you don’t know anyone interested in moving in, we will fill the bedroom from the waiting list. If more than one of your roommates moves out, we will fill the bedrooms from the waiting list.


Q: Do I have to move out when I graduate before my lease is up?

A: No. Once you have graduated you are allowed to stay in your apartments until the lease is over. At that time you will need to move.


Q: What if I graduate during the year and have to leave the area?

A: Special provisions will be made for students graduating after their initial year at Rainier Place. Ask the Rainier Place management for details.


Q: What will I be responsible for if I decide to move out prior to my lease ending?

A: You will be responsible for the remainder of the lease until it ends, or until someone else rents your apartment/room.


Q: Can I smoke in my apartment?

A: No. No one is allowed to smoke at Rainier Place. All buildings and enclosed common areas are smoke free. Residents are responsible for the actions of their guests.


Q: Am I allowed to have a pet, or have a pet just visit?

A: No. Rainier Place does not allow pets.


Q: What are my responsibilities when I move out of Rainier Place?

A: You are required to give notice to the Rainier Place leasing staff a minimum of 20 days prior to the end of your lease as stated in your lease agreement. You will also be responsible for cleaning your apartment before you leave.


Q: How is Rainier Place associated with Edmonds Community College student housing?

A: Rainier Place is a private housing alternative built exclusively for Edmonds Community College students, developed by Lorig and managed by Lorig Management Services.


Q: Is this an Edmonds Community College owned apartment building?

A: In response to projected housing demand, the College has provided land to a separate non-profit organization to develop and build housing for students. Lorig has done similar and successful projects at the University of Washington and other institutions. Rainier Place is a brand new type of student housing that will provide an interactive and exciting living experience for Edmonds Community College students.


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students enjoying Rainier place campus life